Physics Lab


The physics department has two Labs, fully equipped with the latest apparatus like the advanced scintillation counter with MCA Card, GM Counter, ESR Resonance, Ultrasonic interferometer, Microwave Kit, Optical Fibre Kit, Fabry Parot Interferometer, Electronic Plug in Kit  etc. which are sufficient to fulfill the needs of our B.Sc and M.Sc students for better understandings of the theoretical concepts. The demonstration-type of experimental set-ups like nano-technology and CDS (Constant Deviation spectrometer) are also available in our labs.

Following are the important major equipment in Physics Lab:-

1. The equipment above 1 Lakh

(a) Muffle Furnace upto 1400 Degree. 

(b) Scintillation counter and GM Counter with MCA card

 and radioactive sources. 

(c) Fabry Parot Interferometer.

2. The equipment below 1 Lakh

(a) Muffle Furnace upto 900 Degree  

(b)Digital Balance  

(c) Electron Spin Resonance Kit

(d) Curie Temperature Kit

(e) Constant Deviation Spectrometer

(f) Michelson's Intereferometer with He-Ne Laser

(g)Hall effect Kit

(h) CRO

(i) GM Counter

(j) Electronic Plug in Kit.

(k) Microwave Kit

(l) Optical Fibre Kit

(m) Four Probe Kit

(n) Energy Band Gap Kit

(o) BH Curve Kit