• Re-Evaluation Results Nov 2018

    The results of following Re-Evaluation Exams have been declared:

    BCA-IIIrd Semster

    BVoc(Software Devvelopment)-Ist and IIIrd Semester

    MSc(Agriculture)(Soil Science,Veg Science,Agronomy,Fruit Sc. Genetics)-Ist Semester

    MSc(Agriculture)(Veg. Sc & Soil Sc.)-IIIrd Semster

    BSc(CSM)-IIIrd & Vth Semester

    BCom-IIIrd Semester

    BCom - IIIrd Semester

    BSc Hons Maths - Ist & IIIrd Semester

    BCom Hons - Ist Semester

    BAF - Ist & Vth Semester

    BCA-IIIrd Semster

    BSc (Hons) Zoology-Vth Semester

    BSc (Hons) Physics -IIIrd Semester

    BSc (Hons) Botany-IIIrd Semester

    BSc (Hons) Chemistry -IIIrd & Vth Semster

    MA(Economics,Psychology,Political Sc.,Fine Arts,JMC) - Ist Semester

    MA (English, Punjabi) - IIIrd Semester

    MCA - Ist , IIIrd and Vth Semester

    MSc ( Food Tech) - Ist and IIIrd Semester

    MSc ( Microbiology) -  IIIrd Semester

    MSc ( Maths) - Ist and IIIrd Semester

    MSc ( Chemistry) - Ist and IIIrd Semester

    BBA- IIIrd Semester

    BCA - Ist Semester

    BA- IIIrd Semester(Main,Rep,LC,Spl-1)

    BA- Vth Semester(Main,Rep,LC,Spl-1)

    BSc(Hons) Biotech- IIIrd & Vth Semester(Main,Rep)

    BSc(Hons) Chemistry- Ist Semester(Main,Rep)

    BCA- Ist Semester(Main,Rep)

    BSc Hons Maths - Vth Semester

    BSc ( Non-Medical) - Ist , IIIrd  and Vth Semester

    BSc ( Medical) - IIIrd  and Vth Semester

    BVoc(Retail Management) - Ist and IIIrd Semester

    MCom - Ist and IIIrd Semester

    MSc(Physics)- Ist and IIIrd Semester

    PGDCA -Ist Semster

    MSc(Botany)- IIIrd Semester

    BSc Agriculture(Hons)-Ist, IIIrd, Vth and VIIth Semester

    Diploma in Dairy Science - Ist Semester


    The students can collect DMCs from reception office.