• Results Declared for the Semester Examination May-2017

    The results of the following classes have been declared by the examination branch.

     The students of MCA, M.Com, PGDCA, B.Voc(Software Development, Retail Management), M.Sc(Agriculture(Fruit Science, Soil Science, Agronomy, Genetics & Plant Breeding, Vegitable Science), Physics, Chemistry, Food Technology, Microbiology, Botany, Biotech), MBA, M.A. (Fine Arts, Psychology, Pol. Sci., Economics, History, Music, Punjabi,English),  M.Sc(Maths), M.Com , M.Com(Finance) , and MAJMC can check their  result online by using username and password. 

     B.Sc(CSM)-I (2nd Sem) Reappear 04-08-2017  
     B.A-II (4th Sem) Reappear 04-08-2017  
     B.Sc(Agriculture 4 year )-I (2nd Sem) 04-08-2017  
     B.Sc(Agriculture 6 year )-V (10th Sem) 04-08-2017  
     B.Sc(Agriculture 6 year )-IV (8th Sem) 04-08-2017  
     B.Voc(Software Development)-II (4th Sem) 28-07-2017 View Online
     M.Sc(Maths)-I (2nd Sem) 28-07-2017  
     B.Sc(CSM)-I (2nd Sem) 28-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Biotech)-I (2nd Sem) Reappear & Prepone 28-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Biotech)-II (4th Sem) Reappear & Prepone 28-07-2017  
     M.A(English)-II (4th Sem) 27-07-2017 View Online
     M.Sc(Chemistry)-I (2nd Sem) 27-07-2017 View Online
     M.Sc(Hons. Biotech)-I (2nd Sem) 27-07-2017 View Online
     M.Sc(Botany)-I (2nd Sem) 27-07-2017 View Online
     B.A.J.M.C-I (2nd Sem) 27-07-2017  
     B.Com-II (4th Sem) 27-07-2017  
     M.Sc(Agriculture)-I (2nd Sem) 26-07-2017 View Online
     B.A.J.M.C-II (4th Sem) 26-07-2017  
     B.A(Hons.School Economics)-II (4th Sem) 26-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Non-Medical)-II (4th Sem) 26-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Medical)-I (4th Sem) 26-07-2017  
     B.Voc(Software Development)-I (2nd Sem) 25-07-2017 View Online
     B.Voc(Retail Management)-I (2nd Sem) 25-07-2017 View Online
     B.Sc(CSM)-II (4th Sem) 25-07-2017  
     M.A.J.M.C.-I (2nd Sem) 25-07-2017 View Online
     M.Com(Finance)-I (2nd Sem) 25-07-2017 View Online
     B.Sc(Hons.School Mathematics)-I (2nd Sem) 25-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Medical)-I (2nd Sem) 24-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Non-Medical)-I (2nd Sem) 24-07-2017  
     B.Com(Hons.)-II (4th Sem) 24-07-2017  
     M.A.(Music)-I (2nd Sem) 24-07-2017 View Online
     B.A(Hons.School English)-II (4th Sem) 24-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons.School Biotechnology)-II (4th Sem) 24-07-2017  
     M.Sc(Physics)-I (2nd Sem) 24-07-2017 View Online
     M.Com-I (2nd Sem) 21-07-2017 View Online
     M.C.A-II (4th Sem) 21-07-2017 View Online
    PGDCA-I (2nd Sem) 21-07-2017 View Online
    B.Voc(Retail Management)-II (4th Sem) 21-07-2017 View Online
    B.Sc(Hons.School Chemistry)-II (4th Sem) 21-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons.School Botany)-I (2nd Sem)Reappear 21-07-2017  
     M.Sc.(Hons. Microbiology)-I (2nd Sem) 20-07-2017 View Online
     M.C.A-I (2nd Sem) 19-07-2017 View Online
     B.A-I (2nd Sem) 19-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons.School Zoology)-II (4th Sem) 19-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons.School Physics)-II (4th Sem) 19-07-2017  
     B.A.(Hons. Psychology)-III (6th Sem) 18-07-2017  
     B.A.(Hons. English)-III (6th Sem) 18-07-2017  
     M.A.(Punjabi)-I (2nd Sem) 18-07-2017 View Online
     M.A.(Pol. Sci.)-II (4th Sem) 18-07-2017 View Online
     M.A.(Economics)-I (2nd Sem) 18-07-2017 View Online
     B.Sc(Hons.School Maths)-II (4th Sem) 18-07-2017  
     B.A-II (4th Sem) 17-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons.School Chemistry)-III (6th Sem) 17-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons. Biotech)-I (2nd Sem) 17-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons. School Physics)-I (2nd Sem) 14-07-2017  
     BCP-III (6th Sem) Reappear 14-07-2017  
     BBA-II (4th Sem) 13-07-2017  
     BAF-I (2nd Sem) 13-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons. School Chemistry)-I (2nd Sem) 12-07-2017  
     M.Sc.(Hon's) (Food Technology)-I (2nd Sem) 12-07-2017 View Online
     MBA-II (4th Sem) 12-07-2017 View Online
     B.Com(Hons.)-I (2nd Sem) 11-07-2017  
     M.Sc.(Chemistry)-II (4th Sem) 11-07-2017 View Online
     MBA-I (2nd Sem) 11-07-2017 View Online
     M.A.(Psychology)-II (4th Sem) 10-07-2017 View Online
     B.A.F-II (4th Sem) 10-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Medical/Non-Medical & CSM) -III (6th Sem) Reappear 07-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons. School Botany)-III (6th Sem) 07-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Hons. School Math)-III (6th Sem) 07-07-2017  
     B.A-III (6th Sem) 06-07-2017  
     M.A.(Fine Arts)-I (2nd Sem) 06-07-2017 View Online
     M.A.(Psychology)-I (2nd Sem) 06-07-2017 View Online
     B.Com-III(6th Sem) 05-07-2017  
     B.C.A.-I (2nd Sem) 05-07-2017  
     B.B.A.-I (2nd Sem) 04-07-2017  
     M.A.(Pol. Sci)-I (2nd Sem) 04-07-2017 View Online
     M.A.(Economics)-II (4th Sem) 04-07-2017 View Online
     M.Sc.(Physics)-II (4th Sem) 04-07-2017 View Online
     M.A(History)-I (2nd Sem) 03-07-2017 View Online
     M.A(History)-II (4th Sem) 03-07-2017 View Online
     B.Sc(Biotech.)-III (6th Sem) 03-07-2017  
     B.C.A-III (6th Sem) 01-07-2017  
     B.Sc(Medical & Non Medical)-III (6th Sem) 01-07-2017  
      B.Sc(Hons. School Physics)-III (6th Sem) 30-06-2017  
      M.Sc(Maths)-II (4th Sem) 29-06-2017 View Online
      M.A(Music)-II (4th Sem) 29-06-2017 View Online
      BAF-III (6th Sem) 29-06-2017  
      B.Sc(CSM)-III (6th Sem) 29-06-2017  
      B.Sc(Hons. School Zoology)-III (6th Sem) 26-06-2017  
      M.Com-II (4th Sem) 26-06-2017 View Online
      M.Com(Finance)-II (4th Sem) 26-06-2017 View Online
      BCP-III (6th Sem) 26-06-2017  
      BVOC(Software Development)-III (6th Sem) 20-06-2017  
      M.A.J.M.C-II (4th Sem) 19-06-2017 View Online
      M.A(Punjabi)-II (4th Sem) 19-06-2017 View Online
      BVOC(Retail Management)-III (6th Sem) 19-06-2017  
      B.Sc(Agriculture 4 year)-IV (8th Sem) 09-06-2017  
      BBA-III (6th Sem) 05-06-2017  
      MCA-III (6th Sem) 31-05-2017