Industrial Training
In the final semester of MCA training and placement drives are organised by our institute. This helps our student’s bag lucrative offers in eminent companies like CMC Limited, DEL, HCL technologies, Sebiz infotech, Airsoft Infosys, and many more because today's education and its methodologies have changed manifold. Even the business environment is effected by the powerful forces of changes. System and experts are looking beyond the Silicon Valley simultaneously with the strong developments that are occurring in technology. Today's world is witnessing continuous changes and advancements in technology. Competition has gone high with the passage of each day and new players are entering in the market. The new services like IT and software are blooming with full pace and in varied dimensions. These services and companies have become a force to be reckoned with and have a certain visible effect on the market and business these days. So the industry requires the new leaders and managers to fill the gap between the two. Managers require some very good technical skills and excellent interpersonal skills. So this industrial training help in full fill the gap.

Summer Internships –MBA/BBA:

Summer internships are an important career stepping stone for BBA and MBA hopefuls need to recognise this fact sooner than later.Summer internships offer the important opportunity to work closely with professionals in your field, and to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to your career goals. If managed correctly, internships will lead to new contacts, mentors, and references. With recommendations in hand from business relationships developed during a summer internship, securing a job becomes that much easier. “The competition is greater now that many candidates have more years of relevant experience; the more prepared a candidate is, the better their chances of success.” For students getting a business education is a chance to catapult their careers into a completely different area. But, of course, but the theory alone is not enough to succeed in new industry. We understand this and organize MBA and BBA summer internships, so that students can get practical experience, as well as become more familiar with the scope of their dreams.

Trainings are organized at prestigious companies like, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Vardhman, Reliance Diary Food Industry Ltd., HCL, Eastman Cast and Cargo, Columbia Asia Hospital, Max Hospital and many more. These companies also offered jobs based on their excellent performances.