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International Biodiversity Day celebrated on 26th May 2018 : The Department of sciences and Punjab Biodiversity Board organized a special program dedicated to International Biodiversity Day. On this occasion Retd. Lieut. H.R.S. Maan was invited as chief guest and Director –Principal Dr.Kashmir singh was the guest of Honor. On this day, Mr. H.R.S. Maan told that this day is celebrated by united nations on the 22nd of may every year so that the world can be made aware about damages to the biodiversity. He stressed upon the facts that India is a country with a variety of species but in present time,the mobile towers and human attitude is polluting our air and water,due to which animals and birds are suffering .Hence there is need to be aware about it and to save the species which are on the verge of being extinct.Dr.Kashmir singh,said that we should try to save our biodiversity in daily life and to eliminate the causes which are danger for these species.

Students presented their views on the effects of Mobile towers on the life of common people and the environment .Chief guest Retd.Lieut. H.R.S. Maan and Director Principal Dr.Kashmir singh honored the students with Cash prizes. Prof.Harveen kaur presented the Vote of thanks . On this occasion Vice principal Dr.Rajinder kaur and Dean Academics Prof.Bikaramjit Singh Sandhu and other faculty members were also present.