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National Science Day Celebrated on 2nd Feb-2018 : Faculty of Sciences of Mata Gujri College celebrated National Science Day with great enthusiasm. Dr. Mandip Singh, Department of Physical Science, IISER, Mohali inaugurated the function.
Highlighting the historical aspects of the day, he said, “National Science Day is celebrated each year to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman. It is the science that can help us to achieve the goals set and roll the wheels in the direction of much talked about sustainable development pathway. Students should use the technologies in a positive way to bring change in the society. "
He also motivated the students to implement new technologies for the development in the field of science.
Dr. Kashmir Singh, Director Principal of the college cherished the students for their innovative ideas and said, "Science is universal and has no boundaries. Research carried in science in any part of the world has benefited humanity all over. Students should indulge themselves in innovative activities for their growth and development.
On this occasion, Quiz, Poster Presentation, Treasure hunt, Debate, Model Presentation, Power Point presentation on 'Scientific Concepts' and Rangoli competitions were organized in which the students of various departments participated with great enthusiasm. The winners of the contests were also honoured amidst big applause. Prof. Pardeep Kaur, Head, Department of Zoology extended a vote of thanks to the distinguished guests.